As a small business owner, it’s expected to face tough competition born from the widely adopted policy of an open market. Besides striving to improve and offer better products than your rivals, you’re also met with the challenge of becoming a more appealing brand to your target audience.

While such an objective can be daunting to tackle, it’s not entirely impossible to achieve. Out of the many ways you can gain your customers’ favour, handing them corporate gifts is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective ones. But before you start making plans, here are some essential tips to note about corporate gift giving.

Determine Your Customer’s Wants

Knowing and choosing the ideal gift to give to your clients is one of the most challenging aspects of corporate gift giving. To help narrow down your options, you can opt to ask your clients themselves about their preferences. Doing so is typically efficient through a survey backed by a small reward to incentivise customers to spend a couple of minutes on providing the details you need.

As an alternative, you could also go for a general but exceedingly practical gift that’s certain to be appreciated by your client base. For instance, given that rainy weather is common in Singapore, you could give them a sturdy, foldable umbrella that they’ll sure to appreciate once they run into a downpour while out and about.

Take Note Of Cultural Differences

If you’re running a business somewhere wherein the populace hails from varying cultures, such as in Singapore, do take into consideration the cultural differences of each into your corporate gift strategy. From the choice of gift itself down to the packaging and presentation, ensure that your token of gratitude does not inadvertently offend some of your clients. For example, in Chinese culture, mirrors represent bad omens and are typically associated with evil spirits. No matter how good your intentions may be, sending a culturally insensitive gift will not bear well for you or your company. As such, take note of such cultural nuances before you send your gifts to your clients.

Always Go for Quality Gifts

The corporate gifts that you give out reflect the image of your company along with the products and services you offer. Settling on a low-quality product for a gift is sure to leave a bad impression on your customers and can even deter them from engaging with your business in the future. Therefore, always go for a quality product while making sure you don’t go over your budget.

Don’t Cut Back on Packaging

Like in actual marketable products, your gift packaging is just as important as the gift itself. Besides choosing a quality product, take care to also include a robust, pleasing, and unique packaging solution into your corporate gift budget. One way of achieving this uniqueness is by instilling your company’s brand and essence into the packaging itself. With the help of companies that offer customised corporate gifts in Singapore, this can be easily achieved.


Giving corporate gifts is sure to win over your client base and foster loyalty between them and your business. However, keep in mind that, along with business strategies, it’s essential to be careful and strategise beforehand to avoid making mistakes. Once you’ve come up with a solid gifting plan, all that remains is to rely on a company that deals in wholesale corporate gifts in Singapore to take care of the rest for you.

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