If you have been in business for quite some time, chances are, your workforce primarily consists of more millennials than Gen X’s and Baby Boomers. And given the technological capacities of millennials, the gifts that they will most likely appreciate and find useful are those that will augment their tech-centric lifestyles.

Want to surprise a gadget-loving client or employee with a cool and unique gift? Here are some of the best ideas that won’t break the bank!

Mobile power bank

While we do live in a technologically advanced world, it seems like we have yet to transcend the battery life of mobile devices. For clients and employees who are constantly replying to emails and attending important sales calls, mobile power banks can be a real lifesaver.

Gifting a mobile power bank that can be customized with your logo, such as the Ultra-Thin 20000 mAh Mobile Power Bank is sure to be make an impression with its sleek design and LCD display!

USB Flashdrive

Regardless of whether the job calls for a lot of file transfers, a USB flash drive is going to be very helpful for most people – especially employees who deal with a bunch of files. While storing and sending your files through email is definitely an option, having a USB flash drive is arguably more convenient because of its portability.

To add to the convenience factor, the 3 in 1 Multifunctional Cable USB / Type-C / Android / Apple can connect up to three devices to your laptop at the same time and boasts excellent craftsmanship for a professional touch.

Wireless earphones

In the age of wireless devices, earphones that have wires attached to your phone are pretty much old-school. Nowadays, it’s all about listening to music without having to worry about tangled or fraying wires. Especially with more virtual meetings happening today, gifting a pair of wireless earphones is a great way to show the receiver you care.

The Digital Headset with Bluetooth Headset Mobile Power Wireless Charging Portable Bin is the perfect companion for the receiver – whether it be on their daily commute or during their evening workouts.

Wireless mouse

Consistent with the ‘wireless’ theme of technological accessories, a wireless mouse makes for the ideal gift for tech-savvy clients and employees! Consider what clients and employees use daily for work and you already have a ton of gift ideas – for instance, a wireless mouse makes it more convenient for the receiver to get some productive work done!

The Logit M186 Wireless Mouse comes in a range of colours and can be customised with your brand logo – to go the extra mile, combine it with the Wireless Charging Storage Mouse Pad that can be used to charge multiple compatible gadgets at the same time. Nothing shouts savvier than that!


Given the time and age that we live in, the best gifts that we can give to valuable clients and employees are the ones that will make their tech-centric lives more seamless and more productive.

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